Business System Owner - Anankei

Brussels BE

Role description.

As a member of the BSO team, you play a crucial role in the interaction between the various business stakeholders and end-users of the IT tools and the NIT-teams responsible for it’s actual development.
For this position specifically, the concerned IT tool is a new tool called “IRF” which is being developed “from scratch” in the context of the selling of services but which are delivered by the use of the fiber-network deployed and owned by the 'Fiberklaar' joint venture. It will primarily document the details of the equipments installed in the interconnection points between the networks, and play a crucial role in the sales processes.

We’re looking for a person with a mix of IT-business analyst skills and skills of project management and change management. At one hand, you will have to go into detailed functional discussions on how the system should work, interfacing with other systems etc. So you’ll be the business-expert of the system. But you’ll also have the manage the change management (incl. tool-training) towards the actual end-users of the system.

You can work independently and in a structured way. You see and plan the different tasks to do at business-side in order to achieve the project’s general goals. You take initiatives to unblock situations if needed. This is all done in cooperation with an overall project leader (but who’s focus is more on the IT-side of the project).
In general (regardless which application or project), the BSO role has 4 main axes of responsibility and activity:

Manage the process of “maturation” of a new business idea towards IT-formulated requirement(s).
o You take necessary initiatives to translate business needs into IT-system requirements.
o For this you organize necessary workshops with relevant stakeholders and end-users. Where needed you manage to align strongly diverging visions between those groups.
o You validate thoroughly detailed functional analysis of the concerned application(s), where possible involving the actual end-users or stakeholders.
o You help to determine priorities, suggest phasing across different releases etc.

Follow-up of the IT developments and go-life.
o You follow-up on the actual IT development via regular project-core meetings etc (organized by the project leader or others)
o You write user acceptance scenario’s. You organize testing by actual end-users, as well execute testing yourself.
o You provide decisive input for go/no-go decisions to deploy changes into production, based on test-results and business insight on risks.
o You participate (usually during the WE) to post-release sanity-checking and participate in the process of defining action plans in case of severe problems.

Management of the business go-life.
o You organize all necessary communication and training within NEO towards primarily the actual end-users of the system. This can be in cooperation with other stakeholders around the project.
o You manage the necessary change at the end-user side.
o If applicable, you provide detailed user manuals and work instructions.

Operational support towards the end-users:
o You help to support the end-users in case of functional problems, questions, potential bugs etc. You do this in cooperation with NIT helpdesk and NIT application specialists.
o In case of bugs and/or technical production incidents, you actively follow up tot he point a solution is found and put into production. This in cooperation with the NIT “Service Level Manager” of the concerned application.
o If necessary, you take initiatives regarding the data-quality in the application you’re responsible for.


Requested profile:

• Tri-lingual English/French/Dutch is a clear necessity.
• Experience in user-side project management and change management, preferably in a large-scale organization or utility company.
• Ready to dive into the detailed functioning of the different IT applications concerning our fiber network, and their interfaces (with one another and various other systems).
• Fast learner who can combine (and swap easily between) both an in depth “vertical” understanding of the concerned system with a helicopter-view “horizontal” insight in our organization, the involved teams and their R&R, and our overall IT application landscape.
• Analytical mindset but remaining practical and result oriented.
• Having a structured approach and good organization skills to function a complex matrix organization.
• You can practically manage meetings with various types of audience, with structured agenda and managing discussions towards (aligned) practical conclusions and action points.
• You manage to align diverging views and opinions.
• A basic understanding of IT concepts and tools can be practical. (MSA, SQL, ERD-data model,..) • Preferably a master, at least a bachelor degree or equivalent through experience.